adidas football is all in

Kaka Video clip Rating: 4 / five

26 thoughts on “adidas football is all in

  1. jicudi

    Amon Tobin and Two Fingers get some well-deserved notoriety (and compensation, I’m sure). Fanfare for my favorite sport isn’t half bad, either.

  2. redslenderloris

    @ThomWWE aw, my mistake. i was given all the tracks because doubleclick is a friend of mine. you can find fools rhythm on the ninja tune XX boxset, or i think it’s going to be released on their new album, which isn’t due for a while. but you should definitely still give instrumentals, or feat. sway a try, because you will love them if you love this 🙂

  3. ThomWWE

    @redslenderloris what album? i can only find ‘instrumentals’, but it’s not on it.

  4. redslenderloris

    @ThomWWE fools rhythm by two fingers (amon tobin + doubleclick) buy the album, it’s AWESOME!

  5. 007toft007

    Thumbs up if………you have thumbs !! oh and you think think that Adidas is way better than Nike !!!

  6. ediblehatred

    Why’s Van Persie playing street style. Can’t arsenal afford a training ground.