ricardo kaka 2011 all skills & goals HD

Kaka Video clip Score: four / five

26 thoughts on “ricardo kaka 2011 all skills & goals HD

  1. jaimemiranda1112

    @dermitdendreir i got no problem dude wtf haha i agree scoring is good fellow madrid fan:]

  2. 1llest8

    Yo, you make some nice ass vids. I just watched ur cristiano and di maria vid, before i saw this one. keep up the good work. bummer that kaka didnt have a good season, i hope they dont let him go

  3. daomai10

    youtube is getting wac and wacker we need user like you with these kind of videos. brilliant job.

  4. johnnykwt

    i don’t understand way they bitching about hem that he cant be like kaka 2007 >> i say 2011-2012 we will see the real kaka

  5. 9422tom

    even when spending most of season injured and struggling for fitness he plays like this. damn

    Come to Chelsea yeah?

  6. JRRPrimus

    @TheKingdan12 what do you mean hypocrite why am i a hypocrite do you know what hypocrite means

  7. JRRPrimus

    @rom7ooo some one does that already for milan his name is Maestr021Channel. its not a completely original idea.

  8. guyo23479

    kaka is the best.i mean think about it.would you rather have messi who other players have to build play for like xavi and iniesta, a ronaldo who can play the best in a game already fired up (i don’t mean they aren’t good ).or kaka who builds up play if teammates co-operate.can fire up in an already built up play and you can build up play for him if the other players believe him.but mourinho is fake.he spoils careers and i think kaka should just go to chelsea.

  9. xviian

    @firefox225 Ramires is playing in DMC position, you cant expect kaka to play as DMC right? The one playing AMC is Ganso.

  10. soccertiger10

    1 of the reason brazil lost copa america was becuz kaka wasnt their they missed every penelty if kaka was their in sure heve wouldve helped the midfield and gave pato more chances to score