Goal 2 Living the Dream Full Movie

Kaka Online video Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Goal 2 Living the Dream Full Movie

  1. ohmylovelydays

    “Hehehe, Iker grow up!” Urgh, no, how about you get lost, bitch? Lmao. She’s so annoying and typical.

  2. Aerenmerksmw2

    how will they thank you they will need to watch goal 3 n decide 4 them selves

  3. NebulaSu

    Does anyone feel like this movie is almost an extended commercial for A.didas?

  4. TheCLI1988

    all 3 aren’t exactly the godfather series. my expectations aren’t high lol

  5. xFuZzyControlx

    Thank u very much for dis movie it was hard to find it to watch it online in very good quality so thank u very much there

  6. xVangBang

    Goal 3 has no relation to the other goals. and quite frankly it just ruins the films.

  7. 1Directioner1992

    So BEST movie ever! BUT what happened to his fiance? I’m assuming that she goes back to him…? No? I want to watch Goal III in order to find out but everyone is warning me against it…