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Kaka Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. 23Arshaviin

    Watch my video. Its FIFA 11 Create a Player – Famous people

    Request people for me to create and i will.

  2. 18zela

    Does anyone know the song that plays in the beginning ??
    EA Sports, what is the song you use in the beginning ??

  3. kevinmcaloon1

    I wouldnt be happy with my teams manager picking tactics based on what worked on fifa.

  4. ThaProo1

    Hehe i wonder how much the players get paid for saying they like to play fifa and all that. Or maybe they do, i don’t know. Btw, Lescott has a hat so he can hide his big forehead 😀

  5. MrSilvershadow16

    Lots of people complain that these games are a waste of money, if you are a true FIFA fan you can know the difference when you actually play the game and if the FIFA team put all their ideas into one game they won’t have any new ideas for another game, thus why they release a game every year. P.S – for retards who think they are wasting money you dont have to buy it they are not forcing you, you either buy it or not. =) world peace ftw

  6. evanharris360

    Just sent an message to claiming I had lost rooney due to connection loss. They immediately added one to my team. Send your account email and password to this account and get whatever player you want. Make sure you sound genuine though, good luck 🙂