Cristiano Ronaldo | Top 10 Goals in Manchester United | HD

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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo | Top 10 Goals in Manchester United | HD

  1. Abu451

    @ahm06059330 Ronaldo doesnt pass for shit, just check their stats. Ronaldo only scores so many because Man United and Real Madrid have built their team around him- United struggled the season after him. Ronaldo would not fit the Barca team at all, you have to been involved in every aspect of the game, namely the passing. Ronaldo would just get the ball and dribble- simple- and also the fact he goes missing in big games unlike Messi

  2. ahm06059330

    Can Messi reproduce the same performance without ineista, xavi, villa etc. No – look at his performances for argentina, while the spanish team with predominantly barcelona players still won the world cup. This clearly shows that while messi is brilliant, he is still significantly helped by his team mates. Ronaldo’s performances for portugal are comparatively better, despite Argentina having better players. Would ronaldo be better than messi if he was a barce player – definately

  3. Abu451

    Can Ronaldo take on the Barca team like how Messi did against Real? No. Messi is a team player, just look at his assists compared to Ronaldo, and he still has managed to score nearly the same amount as Ronaldo, whose teammates were desperate for him to beat messi

  4. pietjepukiscool

    Why does everybody say that messi is better? Look at the international teams, Ronaldo is with Portugal much better then Messi with Argentina. If you see these freekicks, they are all done by Ronaldo HIMSELF, messi cant do much without a Iniesta of Xavi, who I think are better then Messi. Messi is just good when he is in the penalty area, ronaldo can shoot from distance, messi can dribble better but ronaldo is faster and more skilled.. Just saying this for everybody that says messi is much better

  5. 300estevez

    @BarcaUnderPep 95%? hahahahahaha. Do you know the actual number, fifa said ronaldo’s free kick hit number was 89,7%, that means he scores 9 in 10 free kicks. -.-

  6. mcna1mcna1

    @BarcaUnderPep You Know Nothing About Football, Man u Madrid He Just Keeps On Scoring Thats Not Luck And Your % Is Way Off. Go Back To School Or Actually Watch Him Play Like Iv Done Week In Week Out For Man U And Madrid.d I Think You Will Fin

  7. BarcaUnderPep

    wow that sucked. those freekicks are lucky. he just shoots he dont know where the ball will go. He scores goals from freekicks, but it aint good anyway cause he doesnt score in 95% of ’em, but just kicks the ball away so the other team gets the ball again.