Brazilian World Cup Star “Kaka” – Interview

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25 thoughts on “Brazilian World Cup Star “Kaka” – Interview

  1. FootballWeeklyNews

    The most amazing thing about Kaka is that he is probably the only Brazilian that can speak decent english.

  2. nachito8x

    @13charachters Kaka is a very intelligent man because he can speak four languages: Portuguese(native), English, Spanish and Italian..he is a well-educated man, maybe because he wasnt a poor brazilian, he belongs to a Middle-upper family in Brazil

  3. menglu21

    his accent is great is kind of american , well i think any players from brazil national team wouldnt speak as good as it was a kind of like a surprise when i started listening in , he was much matter than i thought . maybe because his background ,this social level of his family and education he has received is much higher than traditional type of brazilian players .

  4. iggz4u2nv

    @13charachters better than some people’s English in this country…Gerrard, Rooney and Carragher comes to mind

  5. 13charachters

    His English is great, especially when you consider he’s never lived in an English speaking country.

  6. seppalmeiras

    His accent is funny, i’m brazilian, we all have this kind of accent when we (try to) speak english. (Btw, i hope that I wrote things right on this comment). =]

  7. Peaksman2k9

    @xpat73 you’re forgetting that kaka is much younger than Zidane. Zidane was playing with experience whereas kaka was playing with just raw ability. This makes kaka look like a younger , in which he was, so you’re wrong once again.

  8. Peaksman2k9

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, this man is one of the greatest football players that have lived. He has just not been on form because he was playing with an injury and he was about 60% fit playing in the world cup, and he still showed sparks of genius with his passing. So what you’re saying is completely wrong my friend.

  9. xpat73

    When Kaka played against Zidane he was made to look foolish. He was completely outplayed……Zidane ran the game. Zidane was in a different class. I could name 10 midfielders I would choose before Kaka.

  10. meeeralsaedi

    This guy is the best soccer player ever in mu opinion and he has the perfect personality..however, his English is suck haha I mean the accent

  11. starbuxxchick8

    is he cute or wat.and yeah he looks like he just woke up.his an amazing soccer player and great person <33 i love him!

  12. PeaceLoveBooks2

    I hope he gets better soon and gets back on the field and do what he was born to do, play AMAZING Futbol!
    Love you KAKA!