Top 10 Football Shoes

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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Football Shoes

  1. ctm5010jack

    bloody hell they are called football BOOTS stop calling them soccer shoes or football shoes they are BOOTS!

  2. bruno00119

    @7SuNo7 you insult praise music?…well my friend laugh at it now for when jesus cames…you wont be laughing n you’ll regeret you said that

  3. TARRuuDBoY

    CTR 360?? Tiempo Dois?? Adizero?? COPA Americas???
    Its an insult you didnt include any of these boots you faggot! BTW SHIT MUZIK!!!

  4. marquesole

    i have nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly VII (brazil,spain,portuguese country football shoes) in stock.

  5. Samax13

    I never liked the predators. Liked adipure, tiempo, and the f30s when I was younger. But my all time favorites were the puma pwrcts 1.10