Kaka show: he play with two balls

Kaka Video clip Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Kaka show: he play with two balls

  1. 4030201

    @MrTarekKerbag shut the fuck up you retard i play football everyday I know this is fake and know more about*football then you ever will its called football by the way cos its played with feet fucking stupid yanks

  2. MrTarekKerbag

    @4030201 lmaoo u kno nothing about soccer players to call this fake!! do u kno who kaka is!! no shit he could do that..

  3. 4030201

    @JO3L901 whey cant handle the truth dipshit watch the video its fake, btw ronaldinho is the best forever

  4. ProerThanYou

    its not fake for all of you fucking retards commenting dumbasses your all fucking idiots with no lives that are jealous