Former Brazilian superstar Kaka has publicly spoken of how proud he is of football fans and how highly impressed they have made him feel in the last two days that saw a large number of them storm Chelsea and Liverpool grounds in large protests. Fans of the Chelsea football club found their way to Stamford Bridge to make their intentions known about how much they were against the establishment of the European Super League.



The fans were there in large numbers with several visible objects that they used to pass their messages and heart intentions across to the club owners. Liverpool fans were no different. They were also present at Anfield as they played their part in ensuring that they stopped the move that the league’s biggest clubs already decided to start.

The fans were angry and voiced out their opinions after the club’s involved decoded to act according to their own wish and for their own pockets alone when they decided to be convinced about setting up the new league by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. The Spanish club’s president is said to have been the major brain behind the whole idea and was responsible for the projected move to set up a new league.

And now, former Brazilian star Kaka has revealed that he is more than happy to know that fans can be very powerful when it comes to expressing their opinions and influencing the sport. Speaking on the matter, Kaka said he already knew that the fans have the power to make certain moves in the game, but he just did not know they were this powerful.

He said he is very happy to know that clubs can also pay so much attention to their fans, and asked the fans to always speak up about what they have in mind always so that football can continue to be a better sport.