Kaka sees Ronaldo as best Player of all time

Former Brazil international Kaka says that his international teammate Ronaldo is the best player he has ever seen. This is quite a great acclaim for the former Barcelona and Real Madrid striker, who is one of the leading goal scorers in the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Kaka has played with Ronaldo, while at his peak, only at international level. It was not until the striker joined AC Milan during the latter years of his career when Kaka played with him. Even though Kaka has played with some incredible players like Cristiano Ronaldo and also coming up against names like Lionel Messi, he considers Ronaldo to be the best.

This is also the widespread notion and many believe that Ronaldo would have gone to score even more goals had his body allowed.

The striker suffered numerous injuries over the span of his career, but he still returned a healthy tally of almost a goal every game with top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan. Kaka is unlikely to get the opportunity to play with the top players once again. The Brazilian midfielder sealed a move to Orlando City and will be playing in the MLS over the next few seasons.

“For me, the best players are those who are able to think of a play and execute it quickest and in the best way possible, and Ronaldo Nazario has been the best at that. The speed of thought that he had – and the speed he had to carry out his actions – were perfect. It was something amazing. I’ve thought a lot about other players before. I think he was a phenomenon,” said Kaka. Kaka, himself, was the best player in the world during the latter part of the last decade. He won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award in 2007.