Kaka Positive About Orlando’s Turnaround

Kaka being the team captain of Orlando City is confident that they will be able to break out of the slump that has come up in the team’s performance in recent times.

There is a home stretch coming up which will begin this Saturday in Montreal. Once the home stretch is concluded the team will then prepare to proceed to the playoffs. Kaka feels that they should be able to make it to the playoffs. Those who have been worried about Orlando City falls off the edge, it might not be time yet to press the panic button.

There is, however, reason for the fans to be worried. They have not won any of the last six games that they have played. A pivotal moment has come upon them. They are in a position when they will be playing four games out of five games that are scheduled to be played on home ground. Kaka feels that these matches will help to dictate the future of the club. He admits that the period is tough for the club.

These games will determine how their season will go. If they are able to pull off these games, they will be able to make the playoffs. The upcoming games are scheduled in Montreal. They will begin this weekend and would be crucial for Orlando City fans. They will start the series of games by playing against Montreal. They would be then facing Philadelphia Union who would be in town. They will then travel to face NYCFC in the consequent game. These games could be crucial for the team. While the authorities of the club might be skeptical about the club’s performance, Kaka does believe in the team and is hoping that they will be able to pull through.