Kaka on Jesus Christ

Kaka was recently present in a certificate distribution ceremony of a college in the USA where he spoke about his belief in Jesus Christ.

As per Kaka, both his mom and dad considered themselves the children of Jesus and they reckoned that Jesus is behind anything and everything that’s happening around them and in this whole world in general.

And because they imparted those thoughts in him through his childhood and teenage, he also developed that belief in Jesus and that’s why whenever he does something good in his life, he wants to be thankful to Jesus.

As per Kaka, his gestures upwards after his glorious moments on the pitch are also just for showing that thankfulness to the almighty.

In the words of Kaka, “Those who stay around me say I never keep Jesus out of anything. Well I can’t because Jesus is my life. When I find the net and wave upwards, I don’t mean to suggest that Jesus found the net for me. Of course, I did it myself, but, I did it because Jesus blessed me with the potential to do it.”

“It’s the student life for you guys at this stage and going forward, there are a lot of calls that you have to take with regard to your life and career and trust me, Jesus will help you in that, but, only if you can understand the signs that he gives you. Signs will not be like something extraordinary, but, there will be little things which, if you pick them, you will be able to take the right call.”

“Personally any call that I have taken in my life, I have never felt like regretting it because I have always picked the signs I have got from Jesus and that’s why I am always at peace.”