Kaka Inspires And Directs Fan Sentiments For Real Madrid

Sometimes it is not so much as the goals they win but the passion they show for the team and the game that makes players immortal and larger than life.

Kaka has gained that position with the continued dedication that he has showed to his game and performances over the years. There have been failings which are an essential part of the maturity of any player. Kaka still admits that AC Milan’s game in the Champions League finals haunts him.

It might be rare for players to voice their fears but not everyone is like Kaka who voices not only his fears but how fans need to support their players even during tough times. When Milan lost to Istanbul Kaka was unable to fathom how the loss happened. Kaka is considered a Brazilian icon to most football fans. To him, the game between Liverpool and AC Milan was a haunting one though it proved to be thrilling and dramatic for the onlookers. Though it has been about eleven years after that game, the way Liverpool was able to win at a score of 3-2 and that too on penalty shots is something that Kaka finds daunting even today.

Today Kaka is 31 years of age and he believes in his future with Santiago Bernabeu. He stated that fans of Real Madrid need to be more respectful of their stars like Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if the latter has been injured or could not perform to his potential in recent matches, that does not make his past performances any less which should be remembered by the fans. Kaka played beside Ronaldo for four years between the years 2009 to 2013. Having seen his skills, endurance and performance levels from up close, he feels that his fans deserve to give him more respect.