The manager of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, has said that it is up to Kaka to decide whether he wants to leave the club or not. The club hasn’t released him yet, but, if he doesn’t want to continue playing for Real Madrid, he can leave the club. There have been reports that Kaka might take transfer to his old club AC Milan. Mourinho said that Kaka is a great player and he can win the matches single handedly on his day. He has looked in fine form in the pre season matches. So, if he stays with the club, it would be good for Real Madrid, but, if he doesn’t want to be with the club any more, the club can’t force him to stay.

On being asked about the targets of the club in the upcoming season, Mourinho said that the team would like to defend La Liga and would also like to win the Champions League. Real Madrid had won the La Liga in the last season. The team scored a total of 121 goals in the League which is a record. By winning La Liga, Real Madrid ended Barcelona’s dominance in the League. But, Mourinho said that Barcelona is a very good team and there are some great players in the Barcelona side. So, the Real Madrid players should be careful with Barcelona in the upcoming season. With David Villa getting 100% fit, Barcelona has become even more dangerous side.

On being asked about La Liga, Mourinho said that it is one of the best leagues in the world as far as the standard of the game is concerned. You would have hardly seen a one sided match in the league. All the teams are strong and fight hard in each and every match.