The once considered to be best player in the world, Ricardo Kaka was in the headlines of soccer related magazines, newspaper and websites from all around the globe as he made a  €65 million move from Ac.Milan to Real Madrid back in 2009.

His time in Real Madrid however was cursed with injuries that plagued him until arriving to the point where the coach of that time Jose Mourinho appeared to simply have lost his faith in the Brazilian player.

Kaka did however make flashes of brilliance on the moments that he was fit and allowed to make a few appearances mostly coming from the bench than anything else. It was not enough for him to secure a permanent place in Mourinho’s lineup.

The Brazilian that was awarded with the Ballon d’Or back in 2007 was wasting his time and talent sitting on the sidelines of a team that tried to form a devastating attack force with C.Ronaldo and Kaka in the middle of it all but it just never worked out.

A breaking point was reached when Kaka agreed to make his return to the club that saw him blossom into one of the best players in the world. Despite not being the same player as years before, he has certainly changed Ac.Milan in ways no other player in recent times has managed to do.

Providing the assist for Robinho during Ac.Milan’s only goal against Barcelona, the super-star was beginning to have his presence felt and starting to get hold of things in Serie A. Things continued going well for Kaka as he scored the only goal of his club when facing off against Lazio.

Many people believed that Ricardo Kaka was done for as Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho destroyed him but the player that made a full recovery from a career-threatening and possibly paralysis-inducing spinal fracture is the best thing Ac.Milan has to offer and with a few more good seasons ahead of him, there is still much more Kaka wants to do.