The 2015 Gold Cup is shrouded in controversial decisions

Mexico defeated Jamaica with a final scoreboard of 3-1 and are the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup but it was a controversial and difficult path for the Mexican national side as they barely squeezed past Panama in the semifinals and it was only due to a number of dubious and questionable decisions from the referee in the pitch that Mexico managed to overcome Panama in the semifinal stages of the continental tournament.

In Mexico’s match against Panama, the referee Mark Geiger gave away a red card to Panama’s Luis Tejeda but this decision was a controversial one as the player was given a rather harsh punishment in the early stages and when it appeared as Panama was going to take the victory, in the very last moments of the match, the referee decided to give away 2 penalty kicks in favor of Mexico.

The quarter-finals match between Mexico and Costa Rica was another controversial one as the Mexican side was awarded with a last minute penalty kick which allowed Mexico to take the late victory.

After all of these incidents occurred, the Costa Rican Football Federation and the Panamanian Football Federation suggested that the members that form part of the Refereee Committee at CONCACAF to be removed from their respective positions.

Despite everything that had occurred, it didn’t take anything away from Mexico as all of the players and the manager were overwhelmed with joy and happiness as the Mexican national side proudly held the 2015 Gold Cup trophy and celebrated ecstatically. Continue Reading

Ricardo Kaka talks about what it’s like to play in the MLS

The Brazilian player Ricardo Kaka has gone from being the best player in the world to being a substitute player. Back in 2007 when Kaka was a player of Ac.Milan, he lifted the Ballon d’Or award and considered to be the absolute best player in the world of football.

During his period of time, Kaka was unstoppable and this was why Real Madrid decided to pay an astronomically high price tag of €68.5 million in order to sign the Brazilian midfielder from Ac.Milan but his stay in Real Madrid was underwhelming as he was continuously being hit with injuries which kept him outside of the pitch and was eventually released to the MLS side Orlando City.

Kaka has already played in the American League as the experienced player has made over 15 appearances in the MLS and he has revealed details concerning how this shift of playing in top European clubs and into the MLS has been.

Former star of Ac.Milan, Ricardo Kaka said: “It’s a great experience. I’m so happy with what I decided. Everything is nil. It’s a new experience, with a lot of difference between playing here and in Europe. But good things, not bad things.I’ve been here once with the national team and it’s a great city. When I’ve been here before, we went out and knew a little bit of the city. I’ll try tohaveanotheropportunitytogoaround.” Continue Reading

Kaka sees Ronaldo as best Player of all time

Former Brazil international Kaka says that his international teammate Ronaldo is the best player he has ever seen. This is quite a great acclaim for the former Barcelona and Real Madrid striker, who is one of the leading goal scorers in the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Kaka has played with Ronaldo, while at his peak, only at international level. It was not until the striker joined AC Milan during the latter years of his career when Kaka played with him. Even though Kaka has played with some incredible players like Cristiano Ronaldo and also coming up against names like Lionel Messi, he considers Ronaldo to be the best.

This is also the widespread notion and many believe that Ronaldo would have gone to score even more goals had his body allowed. Continue Reading

Kaka to retire in North American League

Former AC Milan midfielder Kaka says that he is ready to retire in the North American league.

The Brazilian will be officially completing the move to Orlando City FC in the next few weeks. His loan spell with São Paulo comes to a close just as the Brazilian season has ended. Kaka has been at São Paulo for the last few months after leaving Milan. He straightaway joined Orlando City but since they were yet to join the MLS at that point. Now that Orlando City are ready to join the MLS in the 2015 season, Kaka is set to begin pre-season with the club.

MLS is on the verge of attracting several stars to the league, but one of the most iconic among them – Frank Lampard – looks unlikely to join the league for the start of the campaign. The former Chelsea midfielder moved to New York City FC but he was immediately loaned back to the Premier League. His return with Manchester City has been extremely productive and Lampard has been one of the important players in the City team despite his short spell with the club. Not many expected him to have the same impact given that he was 36 years old.

Kaka, though, believes that the MLS could be a major league going forward and will be capable of attracting top names at a much younger age. Jermain Defoe is one of the big names who has joined the MLS at the start of his 30s. “MLS is making big steps, big progress. I’m not here to retire, I’m here to win. I had another opportunity to earn more than they are paying me here,” said Kaka, who will become the most expensive player in the MLS. He will be reportedly paid just over £ 7 million per season.

Kaka Performing Well In MLS

The Brazilian Ricardo Kaka kick-started his career during his first tenure as a player of Ac.Milan, in the Italian club is where Kaka managed to breakout and earn a number of accolades before eventually being sold to Real Madrid for a price of €65 million but everything started to fall apart for him in Spain as he was being plagued with injuries and couldn’t get enough playing time in the Spanish club.

After 4 disappointing seasons with Real Madrid, Kaka decided to make his return to Ac.Milan and the Brazilian was able to display a few flashes of brilliance but he was ultimately sold to the Major League Soccer team Orlando City.

Orlando City will enter the Major League Soccer in January of 2015 and Kaka was transferred to Sao Paulo for a few months until the expected date.

Even at his 32 years of age Kaka still continues making a huge a presence in Sao Paulo as the head coach of the team, Muricy Ramalho explained:

“We didn’t doubt that Kaka would play well. We suffered a lot last year. Kaka arrived to give the team the final touch,” Ramalho said immediately after yesterday’s match.

Ricardo Kaka is a consistent player in Sao Paulo as he has played in just about every single match for his club and the former Ac.Milan player established himself as one of the main attacking outlets for Sao Paulo along with Alexandre Pato, Alan Kardec and Paulo Henrique Ganso. That combination of attacking players that Muricy Ramalho has at his disposal is widely regarded to be the most potent offensive quartet in the Brazilian league and it has helped Sao Paulo on claiming the top spots of the Brazilian league.

Messi Extremely Disappointed To Lose World Cup

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has claimed that he is extremely disappointed to see his team lose in the final of the World Cup 2014. A solitary goal from Bayern Munich star Mario Gotze was enough to seal a 1-0 victory for Germany. The Europeans had been waiting for this World Cup title since 1990, but the wait had been slightly longer for Argentina after having won it in 1986. Much was expected from the team due to the comparisons between Messi and former Argentina great Maradona. Despite having won every major title with Barcelona, Messi still is looking for his first major title with Argentina.

Maradona, however, led Argentina to World Cup success almost entirely on his own. Messi finished as the best player in the World Cup and received an individual accolade. However, the 27-year-old later stated that this individual accolade meant nothing to him since he wanted to win the World Cup more than anything. Messi and Argentina created few opportunities over the course of the 120 minutes. Germany have been the most decisive team in the tournament, as they have played wonderful attacking football.

The next World Cup in Russia will see Messi enter into the latter stages of his career. The Barcelona superstar will be hoping to put behind this disappointment as soon as possible.

“We deserved a bit more after the match we played. It’s very painful to lose in the manner that we did because we were so close to penalties. I think that in this World Cup we deserved a different [outcome] because we had the chances. In these moments the prize doesn’t interest me at all. We wanted to take home the trophy and enjoy it with all the people in Argentina. We got to the final and it’s a long time since Argentina got past the semi-finals,” said Messi.

Kaka In Suprise Leave

AC Milan midfielder Kaka has dropped a bombshell by suggesting that he could leave the club – just after 12 months of joining in the summer – at the end of the season. Kaka returned to the club where he is regarded as an idol on a free transfer from Real Madrid. However, the Brazilian has been unable to impact the club in the same way as he did in his first spell. Physically, he has been struggling to impose himself in the Italian league. The 31-year-old has suffered several knee injuries in the last few years and this seems to have taken the edge out of his game.

After yet another disappointing season for Milan in which they are looking like missing out on Champions League, Kaka has been linked with an exit from the club. The player himself has admitted that the prospect of playing in the MLS is something that interests him a lot. Several clubs like LA Galaxy have been linked with a move for his services. Even David Beckham’s upcoming franchise has been linked with a potential destination for the midfielder. This is because of the good relationship he has with Beckham.
Kaka revealed that he will be holding end of the season talks with vice president Adriano Galliani.

“At the end of the season I will speak to (chief executive Adriano) Galliani to understand what his ideas and those of the club are. I would like to play in the United States and if I was to leave the club I would go to America. I don’t think Seedorf expected to find himself in such a difficult situation. It is part of life to experience strange periods and every team has had a crisis at some stage. This is Milan’s time to have one,” said Kaka.


Brazil has a friendly match planned against South Africa on March 5, which is scheduled to be a friendly encounter that will act as a preparation for the upcoming World Cup and the coach Luiz Felipe Scolari announced the players that will be travelling with him to the friendly match but there was no place for Ac.Milan’s Kaka.

There were some rather surprising additions including Rafinha from Bayern Munich and Fernandinho from Manchester City.

Ricardo Kaka made his return to Ac.Milan in 2013 and started showing flashes of brilliance, short displays of the player he used to be when he won the Ballon d’Or back in 2007. His revival has been slowing down as Ac.Milan seems to be relying on the Brazilian player just too much and at his 31 years of age, it might be just too much for the former Real Madrid performer to handle.

Ac.Milan continues on dropping points and making mediocre performances in Serie A as they are on the middle section of the Italian league standings. According to Seedorf, the players just need more time to adapt to his playing style.

Kaka stated that Ac.Milan is focusing mostly on the Champions League with their encounter against Atletico Madrid just around the block.

We have a 50 per cent chance of progressing against Atlético Madrid, we start from here’’.

“This team has a different motivation when there are big games, and we hope to move forward. Let’s start from 0-0, we know where we need to improve, whilst Atlético Madrid are doing very well. I have seen how Simeone works, but we should find motivation to keep going in the Champions League this season.” Kaka stated.


The once considered to be best player in the world, Ricardo Kaka was in the headlines of soccer related magazines, newspaper and websites from all around the globe as he made a  €65 million move from Ac.Milan to Real Madrid back in 2009.

His time in Real Madrid however was cursed with injuries that plagued him until arriving to the point where the coach of that time Jose Mourinho appeared to simply have lost his faith in the Brazilian player.

Kaka did however make flashes of brilliance on the moments that he was fit and allowed to make a few appearances mostly coming from the bench than anything else. It was not enough for him to secure a permanent place in Mourinho’s lineup.

The Brazilian that was awarded with the Ballon d’Or back in 2007 was wasting his time and talent sitting on the sidelines of a team that tried to form a devastating attack force with C.Ronaldo and Kaka in the middle of it all but it just never worked out.

A breaking point was reached when Kaka agreed to make his return to the club that saw him blossom into one of the best players in the world. Despite not being the same player as years before, he has certainly changed Ac.Milan in ways no other player in recent times has managed to do.

Providing the assist for Robinho during Ac.Milan’s only goal against Barcelona, the super-star was beginning to have his presence felt and starting to get hold of things in Serie A. Things continued going well for Kaka as he scored the only goal of his club when facing off against Lazio.

Many people believed that Ricardo Kaka was done for as Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho destroyed him but the player that made a full recovery from a career-threatening and possibly paralysis-inducing spinal fracture is the best thing Ac.Milan has to offer and with a few more good seasons ahead of him, there is still much more Kaka wants to do.


Brazil’s national team manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has said that he is extremely happy that older Brazilian players like Kaka and Maicon have returned to the Italian Serie A in the summer. Maicon and Kaka have been regarded as some of the key players for Brazil over the last five years, but they have been struggling for form and fitness in recent times. Their participation at the World Cup 2014 has been a major doubt due to the situation.

However, Kaka returned to his former stamping ground AC Milan in the summer, while Maicon returned to the Italian Serie A – where he enjoyed the best spell of his career – with Roma. Scolari, who has a major selection headache ahead of him, says that it is great news that both these players have returned to the place where they played some of the best football. Kaka won the world player of the year award 2007 while playing for Milan. He is unlikely to repeat the feat, but there is a possibility that he may recover form to be part of the squad.

Scolari needs the presence of players like Maicon and Kaka due to the experience that they provide. The current crop of Brazilians is vastly inexperienced at international level since they are very young.

“I’m happy with Kaka’s choice. He is now at a club who can offer him the chance to return to 100 per cent. It is the right situation for him. I am watching all of the Milan games because there is the possibility that I will call him up in the future. He can get back to his best,” said Scolari about Kaka. “As for Maicon, he had a few injury problems at Manchester City to begin with and then he didn’t have the chance to play regularly,” said the manager about Maicon.